Hi! I'm Emily.




I'm a (frequent) coffee drinker. A mom, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. Lover of Disney, Broadway, genealogy, self-help books, bullet journaling, and home decor. A progressive Christian. Fan of 90's music, thrift shopping, and hand lettering. My favorite season is Fall (hellooo, pumpkin spice!) and Friends is my favorite TV show of all time.





It's nice to meet you!


 My undergraduate degree is in creative writing and my master's degree is in human development & family studies (with a focus on college student personnel). Since graduate school, I've been working in higher education in career development and love, love, love (saying it once isn't enough!) what I do. I consider it my true joy & privilege to help students explore their interests, skills, passions, and values so they can create meaningful lives. 


One of the (many) things I've learned in this line of work is that people define "success" in a multitude of ways. My purpose in life is to help you find yours.



Through one-on-one and group coaching, as well as personal & career coaching workshops, I am eager to help you discover your worth, design your path, and embrace your career. Coaching can also be done entirely online.


Using a combination of principles, including strengths-based coaching, desire mapping, neuro-linguistic programming, life coaching, and positive psychology, I will help you:


  • get to know the real you by looking at your personality, interests, skills, and values,

  • identify career paths that best fit who you are,

  • learn tips & tricks for applying to jobs with a top-notch resume and cover letter, 

  • negotiate your worth, 

  • craft a career that brings you joy,

  • set soulful goals that will bring you joy - not just in your work, but in your life.

I also partner with yoga instructors, wellness and nutrition coaches, and creative entrepreneurs around the Rochester, NY and Finger Lakes regions and integrate my career coaching curriculum into peace-filled retreat settings.

As a certified Desire Map facilitator, I'm uniquely positioned to teach others the life-changing goal-setting technique that was originally introduced by Danielle LaPorte (part of Oprah's original Super Soul 100). 


Schedule your free 15-minute discovery call, where I'll get to know you, determine how I can help, + answer any questions you may have.
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Emily provided excellent counsel and encouragement in my career change. She is extremely knowledgeable in providing all the resources necessary to find a job that fits an individuals skills, experience, education and personality traits... I am very grateful to have worked with her.

Emily showed me that you don't have to wait for what you want.  In fact, if you are clear about who you are and what you need, it can be quite easy to find amazing opportunities. She asked difficult questions and challenged me to make tough decisions, and I can't be more grateful. Emily allowed me to redefine success in my own words, and everything came together from there. I am now in my dream career, loving what I do. Every. Single. Day.

Emily's professional, yet friendly and down to earth personality provided a comfortable atmosphere. I felt like I could to confide in her through this difficult and scary transition in a new career path.

discover your worth | design your path | embrace your career
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